"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton

Saturday, November 30, 2019

What's On My Desk...

Hello....I have been inspired lately by 
Jacqui Chimes' beautiful tags,
 Arty Maze's Digi Kits, 
Sheila from Bohodaydreams, and many others.
While in the mood for warm colors, using some new products, and
wanting to create my own quasi digi papers, I set out to create
some mixed media book pages which were used to create a tag with
some of my messy threads and beads.  I designed a journal page which features
a journal box and is adorned with some messy threads stamping and
faux vintage tape.
I'm sharing some close up of items I have created so far which
will become affixed to a junk journal I am creating for myself. 

Below are some yummy silk ribbons, a bohobead, and some of my messy threads adornment on top of the journal spot.

Jacqui Chimes inspired tag with an inventory tag from A Tattered Dream on Etsy. You will see some faux vintage tape in this picture.  I used some dried chamomille flowers and placed it on top of some book text, stamped around the tag to emphasize the flowers. The dried flowers are protected with acetate. The tag is comprise of ink sprays, stamping, sewing and messy threads.

Below is my attempt of a faux digi paper for my junk journal.  After I designed the book page, I took photos of it and will use prints of the designed paper to add in other parts of the journal. The lovely ribbon on the bottom left is from A Tattered Dream on Etsy. It works beautifully with the colors of the sari silk and silk ribbons that will be included in this junk journal.

To the left of the tag below, is another designed book page. I will print copies of this paper and create other elements for my journal.

Thank you for visiting. I will upload the finish junk journal to share with you when it's completed.


  1. Stunning Joyce your work is always so delicate and beautiful.

  2. I've never commented on a blog before so if this is a repeat please delete.
    This is so beautiful. I wish you would create extras so I could purchase one too. I have missed you. I am so inspired by everything you create. My friend Sally and I both love my journals from you and we call our future journals by our inspirators so we have a collection of things for our Joyce journal. You are admired, missed and loved ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I love the colors in this project! Again you have created a masterpiece.

  4. Loving this post. I really love the unusual. Thanks for sharing your such special fun. Unique paper clips !! Enjoy December.

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  6. Absolutely fabulous....I love seeing your work so much :)... thank you for your inspiration as always

    1. That's Vani Kurup, in case you are wondering who VK is .. lol!

  7. I long for those colors as they are quite rare here in Florida! Beautiful as always. Colors and all!!!

  8. Your work always inspires me Joyce. Thank you for sharing, hugs! :-)

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  12. Stunning art. Thank you for sharing with us Joyce. C.xx