"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Artists' Cafe Junk Journal

Have you worked on a journal and 85% into the process,
you pull a 180 degree turn and start another one? 
I finished the “other one” in record time! 
It just moved on its own…
while the “first one” sits in a box packed away waiting for a rainy day. 
I truly love the “first one,”
but I ran into some technical issues…
the covers on junk journals really throw me.
I feel so inept when it comes to the covers. 
You know those places that finish up a quilt cover for a fellow quilter? 
The quilter does all the designing and sewing. 
Then they send the unfinished quilt it to a woman or company who will finish the top of the quilt.
I wish there was such a place I could send my finished journal pages to
so that they could design covers for me. Ha.
So here I am sharing with you my “Artists’ CafĂ© Junk Journal.” 
It’s a pretty place where I can journal my fav online artists,
record places to purchase goods for junk journals,
and other websites that I find inspiring…
you may find your blog or website in my journal someday too. ;).   


Monday, January 1, 2018

White Kraft Envelopes with Long Flaps for Junk Journal Journalists

Happy New Year Friends!
I got a little me time over the  holidays 
to start working on a 
Reflections Junk Journal.
I so adore those White Kraft Envelopes
with Long Flaps for 
Junk Journalists.
These envelopes can be purchased at

The journal pages are 4.5 by 6.5 inches and 
you can see that the
white kraft envelopes fit fine on this page size.
The paper quality of these envelopes worked well with
the coffee dying process.
I chose to use a moist coffee filter with the wet grounds still
in the filter.  I then punched the filter down on top of
each envelope until I arrived at the desired appearance. 
A Tim Holtz stencil and Vintage Photo Distressed Ink pad were used
to create more interest as well at some stamping too.
Of course, I had to alter them with some mixed media elements to 
make them shine. 
I hope I have inspired you to use these envelopes in a new way in
your junk journal. 
Unfortunately, I did not buy enough of these envelopes
so I will be purchasing more soon. 
Thank you for viewing with me!