"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton

Sunday, June 17, 2018

EnVe Art = a portmanteu for Envelope Art

Hello everyone!
I ordered a lace and textile kit from Amity Bloom on Etsy, and no sooner than having opened the package and being mesmerized by her beautiful collection of laces and textiles, I started working on another EnVe Art collection.  This time instead of creating with one envelope, I made several. As Nazy says, you achieve more dimension when creating several envelopes.  And she was right! There is so much more beauty and interest when the envelopes are bunched up together.

The lacy bit, gold infinity looking trim, dark red sari silk, and vintage button were all a part of the Amity Bloom textile kits.

The gorgeous deep red and gold paper bits are from Jarf, MidievalMirage from Etsy.  Her digi kits are sophisticated, elegant and so delicious....I want all of them!

White envelopes were gathered and seeped in coffee to create an old aged charm. These envelopes are already stuff with secrets, ephemera and affirmations.  I am already working on a blue collection. I think I will more until I grow weary of them, or run out of the fabrics from the textile kits.

I used a faux gold leafing product from IndigoBlu.Com, named, Mega Flake (the one I am using is the Lancashire Rose). You apply the flakes with IndigoBlu Flitter Glu. I found that using a fine image stamp works best. I apply the glue thinly on parchment paper, then I light apply the stamp to the glue and immediately press the stamp on the paper I am using. Then you apply the gold flakes and let it sit until it is completely dry. Use a stiff brush to wipe away the excess and the image will reveal itself.
The photograph shows a nice lit image of the gold, but when the image is not near a light, it's nicely opaque looking.  It's a really great product!

Here's a short video to get your EnVe Art creative juices flowing:

Thanks for visting me!