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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lace and Wood Challenge at Scrap Magic

I found the Scrap Magic Challenge so very inspiring.
First was the challenge of using two contrasting elements: Lace and Wood
The wooden frame is my wood element, and I painted it to resemble distressed wood and then inserted some small antique lace behind the frame.
Second were the photographs to inspire us. The colors of shabby white, cream, dusty aqua, hints of brown, and the color of a lovely subtle soft pink.
One of the photographs in the inspiration picture particularly stood out…the wire heart with a piece of lace woven around the shape of the heart. What a grand idea! I had to find a way to use the wire heart element on a much smaller scale.
I found some old fabric wrapped floral wire and wrapped it around a small Blue Fern Studios chipboard heart piece to create the shape of the wired heart, and glued some of the antique lace behind the frame of the heart, and voila, a pretty little lacey element for the lovely photographed lady.

I recently rented a movie entitled, “Farewell, My Queen” about two days in the life of Marie Antoinette’s Reader during some pretty intense social upheaval that was going on during Marie’s reign of power. A scene that resonated with me was when Marie brought out her scrapbook containing snippets of lovely embellished fabrics and some embroidery ideas for future elegant gown designs. I don’t know if Marie actually had a scrapbook of this nature, although I am told that this was common practice of ladies of her stature during that time, but if she had, I would have loved to have gone through her book of textile treasures.

Here’s a picture of the Scrap Magic Challenge:

You still have time to enter the Scrap Magic Challenge here.


  1. OMG your page is TREMENDOUS!! I so love your soft and elegant style, and your use of white space and background work. Just so very amazing! Breathtaking...no words...

  2. I can't stop looking at this spellbinding picture) amazing!!

  3. This is so outstanding.. your latest series of work has been blowing me away! thank you for all the details you share, tips, and tricks. wow! You're an inspiration.

  4. Just too amazing ! What I would like to see you diring a creation !! Everything are beautiful and such a sweetness.

  5. Oh Joyce... just heavenly!!! Love every last detail and the colors!

  6. Breathtaking! I'm so impressed by your exquisite attention to the detail! What genius to create the wire heart - love it! I saw the movie you're referring to and remember the book. I agree with you I'd love to see what she had in it.

  7. Absolutely stunning Joyce!!! My goodness, all your details are just marvelous, you perfectly captured the theme of lace and wood, and the soft pale colors are sooooo pretty....It's great to read about how you were inspired....I'm sure she did have a book of some kind, what a treasure it would be to see it for yourself! ....love it to pieces...xox

  8. Beautiful layout Joyce! Love the pretty pastel color palette and your stunning background!

  9. Работа просто потрясающая!!!Браво мастеру!

  10. My goodness....I LOVE everything about this. The use of white space is incredible, the attention to detail, the creativeness of the heart, the colors...Wow...just Wow. I hope I one day can create something this incredible.