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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Rusty Goodness

Here's a simple and safe recipe for
Rusty Goodness!

1 cup white vinegar
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
2 tablespoons salt
Container: plastic or glass jar
All the above can be found at your grocery store.

Insert the ingredients in a container and gently stir.
Add metal bits in the container such as safety pins, charms, jewelry findings and paper clips, etc.
Stir the ingredients gently in the container.
Allow to sit for three days, and rotate all the metal bits once per day.
After three days have passed, pour out the liquid with a strainer
to catch the metal bits, and rinse the metal bits.
Put the metal bits on top of a paper towel, or foil,and let sit in a sunny location until each bit is dry.

In one case, I let the metal bits sit for four days in the container, 
and in another case, I did not rinse the metal bits.
I did this because I wanted to see the impact, if any.  
There was a difference and I will point those out in the pictures below:

  Below...sitting in the sun to dry.

Below, in the right hand corner are the results when you don't rinse the ingredient's

Below are the results when you let the metal bits sit in the container for our days and rinse.

Rusty goodness. I adore how those Tim Holtz frames turned out, and that pearl clip on earring too.

I hope you try the recipe out and use it in your mixed media, junk journals, tags, EnVeART….
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  1. Great tutorial Joyce.... going to try this !

  2. on my 'to do list' ... thank you for sharing

  3. Thank you so much for the idea and tip...love it !! Xoxo

  4. Joyce, I couldn't remember where I got the recipe from and totally didn't have the salt amount, but they came out great. I did the three day/rinse method. Will keep them in for another day, next go round. I used several on my recent
    "Rainbow / Color wheel" project. Thanks so much for sharing! Michelle

  5. I love how you made an antique look to these decorations! They turned out great, nicely done! Thanks for the share, hope you have a fantastic weekend. Keep up the posts.

    World of Animals

  6. Brilliant!!! I once rusted a bunch of keys out in the rain but it took a few days of heavy raining to work ;p will have to try this out!

  7. Thank you i can see a lot of rusty goodness in my days ahead.

  8. Merci pour les explications à faire maintenant

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