"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Messy Threads

Did you hear that Shimmerz Siren Call?  Yep, that was me, Joyce, calling out to you to share in my art design team journey with the luscious Shimmerz Paint products. Let me share my newest Exquisite Gown page with you on the Shimmerz Paint Blog.

The cooler weather and cool color palette inspires me.  This is quite a simply page, but using monotone colors sometimes can pack a punch of textures and delight.

This photo of a lovely lady in her soft billowing dress in a winter forest is surrounded by Shimmerz cool color palette of the following products and colors found at Shimmerz Paint Store:

Spritz: Rocka Fella Blue
Spritz: See Ya Latte
Vibez: Deep Sea Blue
Vibez: Cold As Ice
Paste-eez: Salt of the Sea
Creameez: Marshmellow

Paper Techniques: 9 x 12 Watercolor paper was moistened with a spritz of water; then a spritz of spray of Rocka Fella Blue and lightly dabbed off with a moistened sea sponge to leave a mottled effect; let product dry completely;   repeat the same process to add more depth; add a spritz of spray of both Deep Sea Blue and Cold As Ice and lightly dab off with a moistened sea sponge and let products dry completely.  After all the above, I embossed some white stamp work for texture. After all the spray work, some separated splatters of Marshmellow, Rocka Fella Blue and watered down gesso were applied to the paper.

 White snowflakes: These were created with a stencil and the dimensional paint Pastee-eez  Salt of the Sea.  Some diamond dust was added on top of the dimensional paint to make them shimmer.

Snowflake Chipboard:  Some Gum Arabic was added to some Rocka Fella Blue Spritz to add some stability to paint with on top of the snowflake chipboard pieces on both sides of the photo.

Textured elements:  And finally, Rocka Fella Blue and See Ya Latte were added to some white mulberry fiber paper for a little texture.

And, if you’re wondering if I really sew that badly, well no…not really, but sometimes a happy accident can add so much interest.  

Come back and visit me on February 15th for more Shimmerz Paint inspiration!


  1. I'll tell you in turn! I would love to sit down beside you to watch you create your masterpieces. You inspire me so much, I love all of your creations, your bottoms breathtaking and the arrangement of your embellishments. I savor every little detail. You are a great artist Joyce Kers !!!

  2. Stunning... the details... all of the many, amazing details really draw me in. Beautiful.