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Saturday, October 1, 2016

October at More Than Words Challenge Site

The changes in the colors of leaves from green, yellow, oranges and reds are spectacular during the autumn months. As a kid, and even now, I’d walk on dried leaves just to hear the crunchy sound they made under my shoes.  My Ombre take on the More Than Words challenge this month was used to emphasize the encased bejeweled leaf by cutting out various sized leaf shapes on several book pages and painting them in different hues of the color green. 

I carried over the Ombre effect on the large watercolor leaf by water coloring a very dark green color next to the leaf shape and adding water to my brush to extend the dark color out and lightening it with water on my brush during each layer.  Then I dragged my watercolor brush with the lightest  green color out onto the book page to add interest.

The leaves were made out of watercolor paper, stamps mists, mica powders and watercolors.  After the media was dried, I crumbled the paper leaves in the palm of my hand many times to break down the paper fibers until the leaves were soften.  I created veins on the leaves by folding the paper at the various points on the leaf pattern and crimping the folds with my thumb finger nails to add some dimension.  I took the sharp edge of the scissors and ran it down the vein to distress the leaf even more.

Here's close up of the first page of the bejeweled leaf:

Come on over to More Than Words here and find out all the specifics to create your "Change" and "Ombre" art, and submit it for chance to win a very generous prize.


  1. This is gobsmacklingly stunning, wow, love it, those leaves look incredible, such an amazing spread!!

  2. Joyce. . . this is so lovely!!! I'd love to reach out to you through an email. Can I please get your email address? I'm having trouble finding it. My email is stacey@shimmerzpaints.com
    -Stacey McElyea
    Shimmerz Paints

  3. OMG how did I miss this??? the leaves look like little jewels...one of the prettiest art journal spreads I've ever seen, I adore that light green, super beautiful LJ.... I see the shimmerzzzzz girls reaching out to you, just do it ok? LOL HUGZZZZZZZZ

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Pretty splatters, great job with mesh.. Oh... Nice Autumn! <:-))