"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Scented Pages - Cobalt

Remember those scented pages from catalogs and magazines?  They would tell a story about the fragrance in the most poetic prose, and they would include a little section on the page that would say something like, “Rub wrist here,” and it would release the fragrance.   I used to collect such pages and every day on my way out of the front door, I’d grab one and rub it on my wrists.
Some fragrances were so good, I’d buy them, and others…not so fragrant.

I kept a few of the pages and while I was tossing some away, I got the idea to preserve their fragrance and their story in an art journal.
Here’s my first Scented Page, entitled “Cobalt.” 

I’m really inspired to create more and hope at the end of this creative journey, my art journal book will be scented as well.

The prose on this particular scented page from a catalog read the following:

Late on a steamy afternoon
at the Grand Bazaar,
inside a bin of silk remnants,
she discovered a dusty glass bottle
with a stunning cobalt stopper. 
Without hesitation,
she uncorked the bottle.
The air filled instantly with spice
and sensuality, romance and mystery….


See you next time dear friends.


  1. Yes I remember the scent in those magazines when I was younger. To me it was super cool to get 'free fragrance' :) A great idea to preserve the fragrance memory in your art work Joyce. Beautiful colors!

  2. Oh this is amazing! I've never heard of these scented pages but I love the idea. And even more, I LOVE the cobalt on this page. Stunning!

  3. Wow, this is stunning!!! What a fantastic idea it is to create your own scented pages:) love it!!!