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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lace Organization idea featuring Blue Fern Studios Chipboard pieces

Hello everyone,

I can't wait to show you my lace organization box I created for my Blue Fern Studios chipboard design team!  Finally, after rummaging through my disorganized box of lacy bits and trims, I decided to take some time and organize them so that I can  see what I have and enjoy the pretty patterns. The idea of wrapping the lace and trim on an "H" shape card isn't an original idea by me, but I have on occasion used those "H" shape small cards for organizing embroidery floss, and it dawned on me that I should do the same for the lacy bits and trim.

The top box is adorned with the Blue Fern Studios Blooming Foliage chipboard piece. The flowers are homemade using some of the same paper that was used to create the "H" cards.

Don't you just want to use those lacy bits when they're organized?

Here are the two boxes stacked.

A close-up view of the Blue Fern Studios Leafy Page Accent chipboard piece on the bottom box of trims.  Some acrylic paint and crackle was applied to the chipboard piece.


Another look at the lacy bits, because I just can't stop looking at how pretty the lace patterns are. :)

I hope I have inspire you to organize your ribbons, trims and lacy bits too. And, use some Blue Fern Studios chipboard to adorn your organization box.


  1. so gorgeous love every detail!

  2. this is such a very lovely box, great ideas for your trims too

  3. Absolutely stunning!! Those Bluefern chippies are always wonderful, but it's the way you alter them that makes them special! Your roses look fantastic too, what a brilliant project!!!

  4. How lovely! Absolutely adorable!
    Claudia x

  5. Such a fab idea and beautiful too!

  6. Just love it! You have made your bits look so adorable and ready to use, really stunning and beautiful way to use the chippies! And how did you make those flowers? With a die? They are so beautiful...love how they match the papers.... ;)