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Monday, May 27, 2013

Blue Fern Studios Chipboard (May Project - Marcasite and Image Transfer Technique)

Image Transfer Technique used on journal cover
Close up of Marcasite technique used on Blue Fern Studios Chipboard

Marcasite Chipboard Technique:  Visit Blue Fern Studios here to find out how I created the Marcasite Technique on the Organic Vine Corner chipboard.



Brightly colored pattern paper (preferably two-sided paper and of good quality like Prima, or in this case, I used paper from a Creative Imagination collection).  Cut the paper to the size of your journal cover, or your chipboard design.  I trace my chipboard on the pattern paper and then cut it to size.

Acrylic paint to match a background color in your pattern paper.  In my case, I used Titan Buff from Golden.  I prefer to use a color paint that matches the background paper in case I get overzealous and rub off too much of the image.  You don’t want a dark colored purple paint showing through a pastel shabby chic paper.

Journal or chipboard piece (preferably Blue Fern Studios chipboard ;))
Pattern Paper
Acrylic paint to match the background of your pattern paper
Paint Brush
Water Mister
Heat Gun
Old credit card or small squeegee

 Paint a generous amount of acrylic paint to the top of your journal.  Do not apply the paint thinly because the technique will not work properly.

Quickly apply the paper, cut to the size of your journal, over the paint.  The side of the paper that you do not want to image transfer should be facing you when you apply the paper to the paint.  Your preferred pattern paper will be in contact with the acrylic paint.

Use a credit card, or squeegee, to press out all the air bubble and to ensure the paper has contacted with the paint on the journal base.  I do this several times to make certain I get a nice finish.

Apply heat gun to the paper for a few minutes then set aside to dry for two hours.  Pile a few heavy books on top of the journal to chipboard.

Now the fun part begins:  Use your water mister and mist over the project several times until it is lightly saturated.  Use your fingers and gently rub off the first two layers of paper until your preferred pattern papers reveals itself.   I normally rub in a circular motion and spritz water when the paper seems like it’s drying out.  Continue to repeat this process until you like the pattern that has appeared.  On my example, I left some of the other side of the paper intact.
Give it a try and let me know how it turns out!
Thank you for dropping by for a visit.


Blue Fern Studios Organic Vine Corner Chipboard


  1. wow Joyce this is so magical and majestic , love it x

  2. This is amazing work. The lace and coloring are so beautifully did. I'm so stunned on its beauty keep up the good work.

  3. The details on this piece work so great with each other it's amazing. So beautiful.

  4. You are an amazing artist! I am always eager to see what you will do next. Hope all is well!

  5. Super super super BEAUTIFUL Joyce! you sure are an amazing artist, never fail to surprise and awe with your talent and unexpected techniques. I so love coming for a visit as I know I'll be so inspired. Sending you buckets of love! xoxoxo