Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another Gown to Share with You.

I'm adding another gown to the series.
 Oh how I wish I was in my early 20's, I'd certainly want this hanging on my laundry line.
 Isn't her bodice a beauty? 
Some Blue Fern Studios Chipboard added some of the crocheted lacy look to the art piece. 
I used the Prima, Finnabair stamps to press on top of a light application 
of molding paste to capture some of the distressed wall behind the gown. 

Some close-ups for your viewing pleasure:

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my new gown creation.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sketch Challenge at Creative Club Simple Pleasures

Welcome Friends!

The sketch challenge at Creative Club Simple Pleasures inspired me to create this work with this
beautiful Pinterest photograph of a gown.  As soon as I saw the sketch, I felt inspired to create with this particular photo that I have been holding on to for quite a while. Isn’t the bodice work gorgeous?  How could I not want to create with this kind of beauty ?  For those of you that have shared my journey on creating the Exquisite Gown Series, you know that I try to duplicate a feature of the gown with my arsenal of art products.  Here I have tried to duplicate some of the beaded work on the bodice and have placed it on the little postage stamp looking feature on the sketch, and on a little flower next to the photo on the left. Some Art Alchemy gesso, mica powder, and metallic yellow magic acrylic paint helped me to create just a little snip-it of that beaded masterpiece on the bodice. The paper I have used is Canson's Mixed Media 9 x 12 paper.

Thank you for letting me share with you this new gown to my Exquisite Gown collection.

Here are some close up's for you:



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"You'll Turn Out Ordinary If You're Not Careful."

“You’ll turn out ordinary if you’re not careful.”

 I found this quote on Pinterest and knew I wanted to use it on an art journal project one day.

Coincidently, I found a Klimt greeting card of Emilie Floge from the early 1900's at Cost Plus and immediately knew how I was going to alter it and use that Pinterest quote.  I just didn’t know when I would find the time to get the project done.  The inspiration to work the Klimt/quote came to me when I opened a package from my generous art muse to find a little jar of  Prima Metallique Dark Velvet paint in the package. Ah ha! The time is now! So here I am today sharing with you the final results. Every time, I view this page, it makes me smile. I love, love that quote and how the altered body of the card came out. I altered the Klimt card by inserting an old photo of my face. It took me what seems like an eternity to find a photo of my head with the right angle to make it work on the body.  J

I hope you find some amusement with this piece also. ;)

 Thanks for dropping by. I currently have another art page in the works to add to this book and hope to share it with you soon.




Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lace and Wood Challenge at Scrap Magic

I found the Scrap Magic Challenge so very inspiring.
First was the challenge of using two contrasting elements: Lace and Wood
The wooden frame is my wood element, and I painted it to resemble distressed wood and then inserted some small antique lace behind the frame.
Second were the photographs to inspire us. The colors of shabby white, cream, dusty aqua, hints of brown, and the color of a lovely subtle soft pink.
One of the photographs in the inspiration picture particularly stood out…the wire heart with a piece of lace woven around the shape of the heart. What a grand idea! I had to find a way to use the wire heart element on a much smaller scale.
I found some old fabric wrapped floral wire and wrapped it around a small Blue Fern Studios chipboard heart piece to create the shape of the wired heart, and glued some of the antique lace behind the frame of the heart, and voila, a pretty little lacey element for the lovely photographed lady.

I recently rented a movie entitled, “Farewell, My Queen” about two days in the life of Marie Antoinette’s Reader during some pretty intense social upheaval that was going on during Marie’s reign of power. A scene that resonated with me was when Marie brought out her scrapbook containing snippets of lovely embellished fabrics and some embroidery ideas for future elegant gown designs. I don’t know if Marie actually had a scrapbook of this nature, although I am told that this was common practice of ladies of her stature during that time, but if she had, I would have loved to have gone through her book of textile treasures.

Here’s a picture of the Scrap Magic Challenge:

You still have time to enter the Scrap Magic Challenge here.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Exquisite Gown Series Continues...

Hello Friends!
  Here today to share the next gown with you. This photo came to me via Kathy Mosher, a Facebook Friend, and I was delighted to add it to the Exquisite Gown Series. Thank you Kathy for the inspiration!


The sketch from Thirst For Creativity helped make the page come alive. I used the jewel feature on the far right on the sketch attached to the circle element to add the detailed miniature clothes hanger that holds a tule and embroidered gown wrap which also helps form the horizontal element on the sketch. It's a pretty little feature, I think.

I don't have a small brick stencil so I used a Prima small brick stamp on top of a layer of light molding paste which was first applied on the paper. When you try this technique, make sure you allow the molding paste to set just a little bit before you apply your stamped image.  Otherwise, you may end up with a chunky application and lose your image.

This is a simple looking layout, and yet there are some very small elegant details in the photo that I tried to replicate to add some drama.

Here's the Thirst For Creativity Sketch #33 and you still have time to play the challenge. 

Thank you for dropping by and letting me share this gown with you too.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Enchanting Lilac Gown to add to the Exquisite Gown Series

I don't often get long periods of time to create, and when they do come around, it's such a treat to 
pull out a piece of mixed media paper and start filling up my tray of  paints, stamps, ribbons, laces and whatever inspires me at the moment.  Here's a lovely gown with beautiful textures on the coat and skirt. The photo looked so shabby elegant and inspired me to add her to the Exquisite Gown Series.  By the way. How many items is considered a collection or series?  Is three enough? long as I'm feeling the inspiration, I'll make a few more. ;)

Before I start to work, I gather all my supplies on a tray and then I work out some techniques, stamps, and tests colors.  My intent was to choose the best of what was on the sample page, and then start again on a new piece of paper. In this case, I used my sample page as my background.You can see all the juxtapositions of textures, patterns, stamping and colors. Looks busy, but kind of interesting. 

Thanks for looking. I hope you come back to visit the next gown.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Exquisite Gown for Thirst for Creativity Sketch Challenge

 Another exquisite gown to add to the series.
The sketch from Thirst for Creativity
was the perfect showcase for this peachy gorgeous
and elegant gown to add to the Exquisite Gown Collection. 
So, off I went digging
through collected treasures to work
with this piece and decided that the perfect
element would be a piece of chipboard.
Here I have tried to mirror the texture on the right
hand side of the exquisite gown.  

The texture on the chipboard was created by
adding a small intricate lace image
on top of colors of the dress and
then heat set with a white embossing powder.
Some more close ups.

This piece of art was created on a 9 x 12 mixed media paper from Canson.
Thirst for Creativity Sketch No. 32 is currently ongoing until December 5, 2015.  You can find the challenge here.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope I have inspired you to create a series of your own.