Sunday, November 22, 2015

Exquisite Gown for Thirst for Creativity Sketch Challenge

 Another exquisite gown to add to the series.
The sketch from Thirst for Creativity
was the perfect showcase for this peachy gorgeous
and elegant gown to add to the Exquisite Gown Collection. 
So, off I went digging
through collected treasures to work
with this piece and decided that the perfect
element would be a piece of chipboard.
Here I have tried to mirror the texture on the right
hand side of the exquisite gown.  

The texture on the chipboard was created by
adding a small intricate lace image
on top of colors of the dress and
then heat set with a white embossing powder.
Some more close ups.

This piece of art was created on a 9 x 12 mixed media paper from Canson.
Thirst for Creativity Sketch No. 32 is currently ongoing until December 5, 2015.  You can find the challenge here.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Exquisite Gown Series (one of many I hope) inspired by Scrap Around the World Challenge

You know when you have that one photo that you have used before on a creation but didn't quite like the end result? This is that photo for me.  So, here's my chance to make it right...well, maybe. ;) Isn't that dress lovely? I adore this color combination of blue, blue gray, and white featured in this months inspiration board at Scrap Around the World. My take on the board focuses on the photo of those little tiny blue gray houses sitting on what looks to be a gray textured and pattern quilt. The warm glow emanating from the windows add a touch of warmth to this chilly cool palette.

My creation was created on a 9 x 12 paper from a mixed media Canson tablet.

I don't normally create with a photo that is not family related, but when I saw this palette, I had to work with that photo. The luxurious and exquisite fabric so rich and ornate prompted me to think about creating a collection of similar photos with these types of gowns. I haven't felt this inspired to create in ages (thank you Tiphanie from Scrap Around The World for igniting my creative muse again.) I started another Exquisite Gown page just after finishing this one.

I am entering this page in the Scrap Around the World challenge.
 Scrap Around the World Inspiration Board:

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"B Is For Betsy" C.S.I 180 Case

While solving C.S.I.'s Case 180, I solved another case related to my story which I will reveal at the end of this post. 

Here's how I set out to solve this case.

Evidence: watercolor, leaves, animal, doily, light bulb, polka dots, mushroom and plaid.

Testimony: The journal is hidden under the photo and if you flip the photo over to the left, the story is revealed and it reads:

                       “B is for Betsy”

The book, “B is for Betsy,” was donated to the library of my elementary school  by one of my  neighbors…one of the ancient white-haired Stewart sisters. The book was old and tattered and I love the look and feel of the hard bound book. It was the first book I read from cover to cover, and I felt so proud to have finished reading my first novel.  After reading the book, I felt a certain kinship towards the ancient white-haired Stewart sisters.  I thought maybe I could discuss it with them on my way home from school since I had to walk by their house to get to my home.  I could knock on their old ornate Victorian door and say, “Thank you for donating the book to my school, I so enjoyed reading it.”  But, I wouldn’t do that, they seemed so indifferent and unapproachable.  Although, I would see them as I walked to and from school, I didn’t say much to them, but I’d smile back if they smiled at me.  One day, one of the ancient Stewart sisters asked my mom if they could drive my little brothers and me to the neighborhood church in which we were all parishioners.  So off we went one Sunday to church which was less than a mile away with the ancient Stewart sisters in an old relic car.  We lived on a hill, and I think we coasted to church because the sister driving could barely touched the gas pedal.  She was short and appeared to be having trouble seeing over the steering wheel too.  I was scared. While driving, one of the ancient sisters asked questions like what we liked to do, and did we enjoy school.  This was my chance to share our mutual interest in the book.  I beamed as I said out loud, “I read B is for Betsy!”  Silence followed.  There was no acknowledgment of the book we shared.  It was going to be a long ride back home.

 As I was solving this C.S.I. case, I realized that the book was published in 1939. The ancient white-haired Stewart sisters were already mature women when this book was published and most likely never read it. Upon learning this, I forgave the ancient white-haired Stewart sisters for not acknowledging the book while driving in the car.

Here's the link to the CSI File 180

And, here's the Case File:


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumnal Face

No spring, nor summer beauty
has such grace
as I have seen in one
Fall is here!
And, now as it was
when I was a child, if I
find a little cluster of crunchy
fall leaves in my walking path,
my heart beats a little
faster, I pick up the walking pace
and stomp my feet on
the cluster of leaves just
to hear that sound.

Scrapki Wyzwaniowo has a wonderful fall challenge us us! Check their blog out, and you will
find an abundance of rich, colorful, and innovative art projects to stir your mojo and get to
creating something for the season.

The small leaves were created with a
Sizziz die-cut, and a leaf punch, with lots
of applications of shimmering H2O's.

I took this photo of my 10 year-old niece
during a fall day a number of years ago.  She
is my autumnal face. :)


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Family Treasure

Every family has
a family treasure.
This little one is ours.

I wasn't really sure
where this idea of
using dusty pink and gray colors
was going to take me as
I lay down the
first foundation
of stencil and stamp work.
And, because of that uncertainty, 
it came to mind
that I was either going to 
love it or hate it, there 
was not going to be a middle ground for me.
Turns out fortunately for me,
that I love it. 

I have a hoard of old paper lines that I have not used and the Prima Rondell collection was one of them.  I was pleased that the papers and patterns were going to help me layer patterns and colors, and to tame down that garish pink stencil work that looked so striking alone next to the white paper.

Some close up of the cluster work. 

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

I can't drive by a beach and not get out and get my feet wet....

A photo to remind me that I was once young and carefree.
To this day, I cannot drive by a beach and
not get out and get
my feet wet.
Still enjoying working with
 my Canson Mixed Media Tablet.
Organized all my brads, pearls and embellies
this weekend. Loving the feeling and
inspiration of organizing my supplies which
then inspire me to create with them.

Below is a close up of some stencil and stamping to help create some interest around the photo.
The papers are Prima's Cigar Rose Secrets.
Below is a little happy accident when I dropped some aqua mist over a red drop. Love it when that happens!

A close up of the sewn beads around a sweet little cluster:

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Laugh Out Loud"....don't you wish we do this more often?

At Tuesday Throwdown this week,
the challenge was
to create a card
without using printed papers.
I was only too delighted to work with my new
Canson mixed media tablet again!
Since I had not yet put away the products I had used
on a previous project ( I know, I know shame
on me for not tidying up immediately
after a project), this card came
together rather quickly.
Hmm..makes me think I should always
leave my work area a little messy.
Oh how I love the freedom of starting
from a blank piece of paper and wondering
where it will take me.
This journey took me to a place of
sweet pansies.
I use to collect them in all forms
and was lucky to find several
vintage post cards from the early 1900's from
a vintage shop years ago before
things like that became in demand and costly too.

Need some inspiration?
Visit Tuesday Throwdown here to checkout this weeks challenge
and every week
and see what they
have to offer to perk your creativity.
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