"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Junk Journal Embellishments Using Words, Sentences, and Phrases from Old Books and Magazines

 It has been said that books don't change people;
 sentences do! And, even paragraphs!
With that in mind,
 have created embellishments on page pockets,
 library cards, and on the covers of my junk journals.

Here are some pictures of ideas for you to consider using in your junk journal
 the next time a sentence, paragraph or even a phrase in a table of contents catches your attention:

A chapter title was cut from an old book and placed on top of a title to a library card that had featured a book on a boys boarding school. That subject didn't fit in with the theme of my journal. The library card was purchased on A Tattered Dream on Etsy.  The sari silk fabric was purchased from Bohodaydreams. The peacock chipboard is from Dusty Attic.

These chapter titles came from an old book where the subject matter were women as weaker vessels. Ha! They made their way on the below three journal covers I created.

These words were from a magazine spread: Tear It, Crunch It, Paint It, Stitch It...oh don't we all relate
to those action words?


Here's an example where I need to find the right word or phrase and affix it to the simple design below.

I hope you have found some inspiration here to use in your junk journals.

All my best,


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Spring Journal

Look what is on my desk....a spring journal in the making.
I was inspired by Shabby Souls fabric binding and fabric hinges.
She has been awing us with her unique Shabby vintage journals
for quite some time.
I was further inspired by Amity Bloom's wallpaper delights.
The cover is vintage wallpaper and the usual bits that you
are already familiar with, including some of my 
messy thread embellishments.
My mom shared some vintage recipe cards with me, and I quickly
set to create some lovely tucks with them.

Here are some pictures of what i have finished so far...stay tuned more
pictures are to follow.

Stay safe my friends.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

What's On My Desk...making progress on the cover of my journal

Happy New Years Friends
and welcome back to my blog.

Sharing some progress on my junk journal cover today.
I purchased some old books to re-purpose into art.
The spine on the old books were easy to remove from the old book pages.
However, the newer books are not that easy to remove,
and you will see the poor results I had in the pics below.  
I think I found a way to repair it with some cardboard from
a paper towel roll and will attempt the repair later on, and before
I finished sewing in the signatures.
I was influenced by the talented Nellie Wortman, and
the lovable Mrs. Cog with her paper clipped fabric book markers.
Here are some pics of my progress...keep in mind some pages are still not complete.

Thank you for viewing my channel.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

What's On My Desk Post No. 2

Welcome back Friends!
I'm making progress with what's on my desk.
While watching a YT video featuring both Sheila, from Bohodaydreams, and
Sally, from Rainy Day Gypsy, these two daydreamers, and oh so inspiring ladies,
had me laughing out loud while viewing their video.
 They inspired me to get out my baubles, beads, and wire cutters
and create a few boho baubles of my own.

The vintage envelope above was converted into EnVe Art 
with some of my sari silk, vintage french papers, faux scotch tape cut using 
a pattern pair of scissors and a rusty good metal flower creating using my
rusty goodness recipe where you can find such recipe here on my blog. 

The above piece of ephemera was inspired by Rachel Tomlinson on YT.
 I used one of my own vintage family photos. 
Some of that yummy sari silk was used, as well as some old vintage tatting too.
Oh look...you can see a better view of the boho beads in the pic above too.
When I see these beads, they make me smile because of Sheila and Sally's funny posts. 

An envelope tea dyed, stamped, some faux scotch tape,
and some messy threads too. 

Thanks for visiting and checking up on my progress.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

What's On My Desk...

Hello....I have been inspired lately by 
Jacqui Chimes' beautiful tags,
 Arty Maze's Digi Kits, 
Sheila from Bohodaydreams, and many others.
While in the mood for warm colors, using some new products, and
wanting to create my own quasi digi papers, I set out to create
some mixed media book pages which were used to create a tag with
some of my messy threads and beads.  I designed a journal page which features
a journal box and is adorned with some messy threads stamping and
faux vintage tape.
I'm sharing some close up of items I have created so far which
will become affixed to a junk journal I am creating for myself. 

Below are some yummy silk ribbons, a bohobead, and some of my messy threads adornment on top of the journal spot.

Jacqui Chimes inspired tag with an inventory tag from A Tattered Dream on Etsy. You will see some faux vintage tape in this picture.  I used some dried chamomille flowers and placed it on top of some book text, stamped around the tag to emphasize the flowers. The dried flowers are protected with acetate. The tag is comprise of ink sprays, stamping, sewing and messy threads.

Below is my attempt of a faux digi paper for my junk journal.  After I designed the book page, I took photos of it and will use prints of the designed paper to add in other parts of the journal. The lovely ribbon on the bottom left is from A Tattered Dream on Etsy. It works beautifully with the colors of the sari silk and silk ribbons that will be included in this junk journal.

To the left of the tag below, is another designed book page. I will print copies of this paper and create other elements for my journal.

Thank you for visiting. I will upload the finish junk journal to share with you when it's completed.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Winner of the "Whispers of Lavender" Junk Journal.....and the Winner is......

Thank you to all who entered into the Give-Away
to win this Junk Journal!

And the winner is...……………….


Congratulations Charlotte!
Please let me know your mailing address
September 12, 2018.
You may use my Contact Form 
on the right hand side of this blog, or you may
contact me at scrapsofelegance@gmail.com.

Thanks again everybody.

I am working on three projects at the same time
 and hope to be sharing them with you soon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Rusty Goodness

Here's a simple and safe recipe for
Rusty Goodness!

1 cup white vinegar
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
2 tablespoons salt
Container: plastic or glass jar
All the above can be found at your grocery store.

Insert the ingredients in a container and gently stir.
Add metal bits in the container such as safety pins, charms, jewelry findings and paper clips, etc.
Stir the ingredients gently in the container.
Allow to sit for three days, and rotate all the metal bits once per day.
After three days have passed, pour out the liquid with a strainer
to catch the metal bits, and rinse the metal bits.
Put the metal bits on top of a paper towel, or foil,and let sit in a sunny location until each bit is dry.

In one case, I let the metal bits sit for four days in the container, 
and in another case, I did not rinse the metal bits.
I did this because I wanted to see the impact, if any.  
There was a difference and I will point those out in the pictures below:

  Below...sitting in the sun to dry.

Below, in the right hand corner are the results when you don't rinse the ingredient's

Below are the results when you let the metal bits sit in the container for our days and rinse.

Rusty goodness. I adore how those Tim Holtz frames turned out, and that pearl clip on earring too.

I hope you try the recipe out and use it in your mixed media, junk journals, tags, EnVeART….
Thanks for visiting me!